Stuck on Aesthetics

I'm primarily a programmer and writer; art is not my strongest skill by a long shot.

I can fumble my way around Photoshop and Illustrator, and I can hack together a simple logo or gif; but making  beautiful game assets like backdrops and character art sounds as impossible as living on Jupiter to me. 

Because of this discrepancy, I tend to get Stuck On Aesthetics. I know that a good game also requires good appearances (and before you argue that Undertale was no Van Gogh, even basic pixel art takes a lot of time and dedication!). The same cycle happens to me over and over: a great idea manifests, I scribble down a story outline, I set to work coding, and then.... My lack of artistic genius makes me shy away from reaching the publishing stage.

Luckily, visual novels don't require a lot of interesting items. I researched assets with Creative Commons and attribution licenses and edited them slightly to fit my needs.  There are so many great asset packs out there that are either free or cheap, like these: Now, I have all the art I need; I just have to finish my story!

TL;DR: Don't get discouraged. There will always be a way around a roadblock if you do a little digging. I hope this encourages anyone who may feel similar frustration!


Willa and the Great Blue Skye 92 MB
Jul 10, 2020
Willa and the Great Blye Skye - Mac 75 MB
Jul 10, 2020

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